QA Engineer

Job description

You will build the Quality Assurance team. You’ll work closely with our engineering and product teams to ensure a high quality user experience across our platform.


  • Create comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases based on product specifications
  • Write automated integration tests (Capybara, RSpec, BrowserStack, FactoryBot)
  • Help reproducing bugs reported by customers and find source of malfunction within the codebase 
  • Work closely engineers to identify and mitigate risks in potential features
  • Handle technical questions escalated by the Customer Support Team
  • Create and maintain internal documentation for recurrent issues
  • Train the Customer Care Team about technical issues
  • Escalate feedback to Product & Tech teams in order to help improving our product


  • Tickets Restaurants (21 x 9 euros / month)
  • 50% of Transport Pass in Paris is paid
  • Quality health insurance provided by Alan
  • Free food delivery
  • We offer state of the art hardware
  • We offer equity packages

Job requirements

Soft skills

  • Clear communication, collaboration, problem solving
  • Ability to manage multiple issues simultaneously within a fast paced environment
  • Willing to dig into complex issues
  • Embrace a growth mindset and share a willingness learn new tools and technologies

Hard skills

  • French (both written and oral)
  • English (written)
  • Experience with test automation in Continuous Integration
  • Experience using Git and Github
  • Knowledge in Basic Unix commands, including shell scripting
  • Experience with video streaming protocols like HLS and WebRTC is a big plus
  • Familiarity with SQL/Ruby/Javascript is a plus
  • API knowledge is a plus